World’s biggest tidal energy ‘kite’ could power a small town (

With wingspan of 12 metres, the ‘Dragon’ is expected to generate 1.2MW of clean electricity


One of the most eye-catching designs to harness tidal energy to emerge in recent years is a giant metal ‘kite’ which swims underwater against the current, turning its rotor and generating electricity. Power is then sent to the grid via a subsea cable which also acts as the kite’s tether.

The biggest of these kites ever built, known as Dragon 12, is about to be installed off the Faroe Islands. With a wingspan of (you guessed it) 12 metres, the Dragon is expected to generate 1.2MW of clean electricity once operational — enough to power around 1,000 homes. The kite is now being shipped from Sweden to the Faroe Islands for installation.

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