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The nine hours in which Spain made the 100% renewable dream a reality (

Spain fully powered by Renewables

Electricity generation through solar, wind and water exceeded total demand in mainland Spain on Tuesday, a pattern that will be repeated more and more in the future

Tuesday’s renewable record was made possible by the confluence of exceptional photovoltaic and wind production. Not only because of the weather — it was a day of sunshine, wind and moderate temperatures, the most favorable conditions for both technologies to perform at their best — but also because of the strong increase in their total generation capacity in recent times. In the case, of rooftop solar panels, the impact is twofold: they add supply by injecting their surpluses into the grid and reduce demand when there is sunshine.

It is also noteworthy that the milestone of 100% green electricity coincided with the temporary inactivity of three of Spain’s seven nuclear reactors two for refueling and one due to a temporary “electrical anomaly.”


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