Turning wastewater to WHO standard potable water (

Absolute Water previously hit the media when it constructed a sewage treatment plant in Delhi’s Keshopur for the Delhi Jal Board as a pilot venture. The plant, working at, Rs 55 lakh, can channel enough sewage to create one lakh liters of spotless, safe, potable water a day.

Smita Singhal, with her father, a chemical engineer, planned, researched, and developed a working prototype for turning wastewater to potable water through a greenway model, so everyone can enjoy healthy, solvent-free & organic water and can utilize tap water directly without reconsidering a second time.

Smita claims that the scope is much greater, on both the residential and industrial lines. By incorporating a thin layer channel, the framework makes sewage water sufficiently clean to drink, alongside improving the task it can help in creating residential firms entirely independent of their potable water needs.


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