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‘Santa dogs’ help rebuild burnt forests in Andong (

For Kim Dong-seob, an Andong native who has lived all his life in the small mountainous village of Mureun-ri, the nightmare of the giant forest fire two years ago feels like yesterday. The forest fire swept away not only 1,900 hectares of the mountains that generously gave the villagers firewood and medicinal herbs, but also burnt down the homes and livelihoods of these agricultural communities.

The fire continued for three days until it was finally brought under control. Two years have passed, and the mountains still remain bald and barren. They were trying hard to get the forest back to its shape. Amid frustration, the locals were able to find some comfort recently due to helping hands ― and paws.

Pet owners brought their dogs to help the Andong residents. Upon arrival, each dog owner was given a small bag that would be tied around their companion animal’s neck. Inside the bag were seeds and a small amount of soil, so wherever the dogs run around in the burnt forest they would spread those seeds.


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