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Therapists trace many mental health problems to “Be nicer to yourself” (

It’s likely that your mental health is crying out for some self-compassion.

“Our research echoes what studies have found time and time again — self-compassion not only feels better than harsh self-criticism, but it works better too, helping us rise to life’s inevitable challenges,” says psychologist Christine Chwyl of Drexel University.

So, the next time you experience a setback, try reflecting on it from a place of self-compassion (e.g., “How am I a better person because of this?”) as opposed to a place of self-criticism (e.g., “Why do I fail at everything?”).

Other new research on self-compassion published in Personality and Individual Differences finds that the ability to treat ourselves with kindness not only helps us get through difficult times, it also helps us savor the good times.


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