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Move over Tobacco, Welcome organic farming! (

Ending Tobacco Farming could free over 4 Million hectares across the world.

In India, economically viable alternative crops to the highly remunerative tobacco have emerged in the form of mixed cropping of hybrid cotton, chilli, groundnut, and French beans. The association Unfair Tobacco believes that parsley or soybean could fit well in similar soil conditions as the ones as tobacco.

Here is more news about Farmers switching from Tobacco due to various reasons

Farmers in India are trying to use the land for Organic vegetables and fruits. In Organic farming, they use only natural bio pesticides made from neem and other such plants and use natural fertilizers like jeevamrutham and panchagavyam produced from cow dung and cow urine.

The farmers are now heavily into growing organic vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, tomato , capsicum etc and particularly fenugreek, which is most sought-after by those having high cholesterol, diabetes and renal diseases. The best part is that they are getting good response from customers as health conscious folks from cities and towns around them come directly to purchase farm fresh organic products from them.


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