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I know life can be hard, but I’ve learned that even the biggest challenges and scariest fears can be overcome, no matter what you’re facing.

Champion Surfer Bethany Hamilton lacks an arm, She more than compensates with Spirit and Courage

She is an American professional surfer from 1998 and was winning competitions from 8 years old. In 2003, when she was just thirteen, she lost her left arm in an attack by a 14 foot tiger shark and spent a week in hospital.

However within a month she was back on boards and the sea to surf with one arm. Learning to balance and kick more for the lack of an arm, Bethany starting entering competitions within 4 months of the attack. Bethany Hamilton is again a champion in the surfing world – winning competition after competition from 2004.

What she lacks in an arm, she compensates much more by her spirit and courage. Let’s salute this brave heart and wish her the best.

Know more about Bethany Hamilton from her page in Wikipedia and from her official page


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