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Tiny glass pyramid could make solar panels cheaper than ever (

Solar panels just got even more exciting. 

A university press release said that researchers at Stanford University had developed a new optical concentrator that can channel even diffused light onto a fixed position, thereby increasing the power generation capacity of solar panels.

Photovoltaic cells work best when sunlight is incident directly on them. To make the most of sunlight available during the day, scientists have relied on solar tracking to move panels in sync with the Sun as its travels across the sky. However, installing these systems increases the cost of deploying solar panels, which is a significant obstacle to their wide-scale adoption.

Researcher Nina Vaidya at Stanford University engineered an elegant device that can concentrate light that falls on it from any angle and at any frequency and then direct it to a single point on the panel.

This would make Solar Panels smaller and more effective. This will potentially speed up the adoption of Solar Power and Green Energy


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