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Brilliant Invention For Her Disabled Brother (

This 16 YO Girl’s had done a Brilliant Invention for her disabled Brother is an eye-opening

Mayuri’s brother Nikhil, who is 13-yrs-old, attend Anand Vidyalaya, a school which is located about one km away from their home. He is an exceptionally bright student but is physically challenged and will make your day!

Due to his special condition, he has to be depended on his father daily to ferry him around. There have been times when he has to miss his classes because his father won’t be around to drop him. Seeing this situation, Mayuri came up with an unconventional idea to help her brother. She Joined her cycle with Nikhil’s wheelchair, Mayuri comes up with a makeshift vehicle for him that she can ride and can take her brother around.

This is a true show of love.  Wishing her more success


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