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Man Helps Households Make Biogas From Weed That Chokes Lakes (

Help familiies reduce need for LPG cylinders while also solving invasive weed problem

The entrepreneur is helping families save money by reducing their need for LPG cylinders to run their kitchens.

While leaving his job at a Bengaluru-based FMCG company, Anuroop G had only one aim in his mind — to start an enterprise that would benefit society. Today, he’s making his dream come true with a remarkable eco-friendly solution.

Water hyacinth is one of the most invasive weed species and is considered a menace due to its high vegetative growth and ability to rapidly spread across water bodies like lakes and ponds. It reduces the oxygen level in the water, thereby killing aquatic organisms and creating an ideal habitat for mosquito breeding.

According to studies, it can be a good substrate to make biogas due to higher content of methane. In 2021, Anuroop launched his enterprise to produce biogas out of water hyacinth. Till now, we have helped set up over 250 biogas plants across Kerala as well as in neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Among these around 60 of them were water hyacinth-based plants,” he adds.


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