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Professor’s Innovative Plaster & Bricks Help Homes Stay Cool Naturally (

As of now, 20,000 homes across India are using the brilliant innovation that Dr Malik makes in his workshop in Bikaner.

Dr Shivdarshan Malik, a lecturer from Haryana, is on a mission to revive conventional modes of construction by developing eco-friendly alternatives.

To deal with the increase in carbon emissions and its consequences, he has come up with a unique alternative wherein he has developed a new Plaster, which is made from cow dung, soil and several other natural materials.

He has also created Gocrete bricks, which are made from cow dung and other eco-friendly locally sourced materials. These bricks are seven times cheaper than conventional ones and prevent upto 70 per cent of heat from entering the buildings.

Check out the article and the Video that explains this eco friendly alternative


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