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Out with asphalt: US schoolyards transformed into green oases – in pictures (

Playgrounds at about 300 schools have been renovated, benefiting students also addressing the climate crisis.


School yards built using Asphalt have been the norm – But these become mercilessly hot and unprotected when the mercury rises and instead of playing, kids start avoiding them.  That’s because asphalt absorbs and then emits heat throughout the day 

This was the reality for roughly 300 US public schools until they joined a program that completely transformed them. They range from a Brooklyn school now graced with flowers, trees and a gazebo to a “little oasis of green space” in Philadelphia.

Trust for Public Land (TPL), is a national non-profit that builds green space in areas with the greatest need, and is spearheading the makeovers. Check out the link for many transformation pictures.


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