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The Story Of Breathing Life Into A Barren Land (

Story of transforming 95 acres of the ‘worst land in Rajasthan’ into a green campus

This is a story of fighting huge odds stacked against you – Of sheer grit and perseverance- Of putting Science and Technology to good use. This is a story of transforming 95 acres of the ‘worst land in Rajasthan’ into a green campus of an educational institute.

There was a reason why this 95 acres of plot had the distinction of being ‘the worst land in Rajasthan’. Nothing could be grown, nothing could be constructed and there was no water available on this land. That was in 2005.

Eight years later, in 2013, a different entity stands at the same spot, at Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara, District Jodhpur in Rajasthan. A bright, cheerful campus site greets you today. The land has transformed in colour, appearance and spirit altogether. It has become a greenbelt consisting of over 6000 plants and trees which have grown up to 12 feet. With a total of 15 lakes, made through rain water harvesting, it has a capacity to store around 6 crore litres of water with fishes, frogs and even tortoises in these. It has two large bridges constituting the rain water harvesting structures. This apart, the campus has three large size lawns of 2.5 acres each, with solar lights on the periphery of each.

Read to understand the extraordinary effort and wonderful results.


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