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Rediscovers Ancient Indian Pesticide, Helps 100s of Farmers Improve Soil (

Renowned agricultural scientist & founder of AAHF, Dr Nene rediscovered ‘natural pesticide’, Herbal Kunapajala that helps farmers.

Described in an ancient treatise Vrikshayurveda (The Science of Plant Life) by Surpala in Bundelkhand Central India about 1,000 years ago as a ‘natural pesticide’ made from fish and animal waste, Kunapajala is a miracle organic fertiliser.

It is said to increase soil fertility, eliminate stubborn pests that survive even with chemical fertilisers, and removes pesticide residue within a few years.

Dr. Nene obtained a copy of the Vrikshayurveda manuscript from Bodleian Library of Oxford University, UK, and got it translated from Sanskrit into English and printed through AAHF (Asian Agri-History Foundation) in 1996. He then came up with the vegetarian version of the original formula using cow dung and cow urine but retaining the other ingredients used by Surpala. In 2012, he came up with a new version with a herbal base for the fertilizer and called it Herbal Kunapajala.

This multipurpose, fully-fermented bioformulation supports excellent plant growth, increases yields, and protects plants from major biotic stresses (diseases and insect/pests). It serves as an eco-friendly nutrient, water, disease, and soil health management system.

Farmers have obtained remarkable results by drenching and spraying Herbal Kunapajala on crops and trees. It has increased the yields, provided natural pest control, and improved the soil quality.

Large pumpkins grown with HErbal Pesticide


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