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Water from Lake Geneva used to heat and cool buildings (

Thermal networks can provide an environmentally sound method of heating and cooling buildings, as evidenced by the GeniLac project launched in 2009 in the canton of Geneva. The goal of the GeniLac project is to replace oil and gas-powered air conditioning and heating systems with alternative water powered systems. GeniLac is operated by power company Services industriels de Genève (SIG) and forms part of the canton of Geneva’s climate strategy.

Water from Lake Geneva is used to heat and cool buildings. It is a local source of renewable energy that is virtually inexhaustible and, secondly, the water is drawn from a depth of 45 metres, which means that its temperature stays constant all year round. It is pumped through heat exchangers that are used to keep buildings cool in summer.

By 2018 the system proved so effective that it has since been extended to Geneva city centre and seven municipalities. Some 50 buildings now benefit from the technology and there is a move to connect over 350 buildings to the system by 2035.

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