Armless Tailor Makes Clothes – With His Feet (

Madan Lal is a Tailor without arms, can you believe it?

AN INSPIRATIONAL man, Madan Lal from India has defied the odds by becoming a professional tailor – despite having no arms. Can you believe it!? Check out this video to see how he faces the hardships with a smile!

Madan Lal, 45, from Haryana in India was born without arms and was afraid that he would never be able receive an education or earn a living. But, determined to make his way in life, Madan found a tailor who was willing to teach him and now makes a living as a professional tailor – stitching garments using his feet.

Check out the Video to see that nothing stops this inspiring man from carrying out his daily tasks.

Great to see those who do not let the disability define them!


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