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Class 9 Student Saves 7,000,000 Litres of Water (

Aerators help save huge amount of water

To reduce water wastage, Rishabh Prashobh (14) a class IX student of National Academy For Learning, Bengaluru, has launched the Jal Mission (Water mission) and saved 70 lakh litres of water in a year.

How? By installing aerators in water taps at hotels, his school and his housing society.

Aerators are small mechanical devices that can be fit into water taps, inside the spout. It mixes air with the water and ensures there is a consistent flow of water through the tap, without any fluctuations caused by a change in pressure.

In taps that supply 15 litres of water per minute, aerators can cut the flow by more than half, to six litres per minute. These devices can save up to 1,274 litres of water a month.


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