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‘His Acid Attack Took My Eye But I Won’t Let It Take My UPSC Dreams’ (

The survivor of a gruesome acid attack at age 18, Kajal Prajapati from Gujarat’s Mehsana rebuilt her life with sheer grit and determination.

If there was one dream Kaajal Prajapati from Gujarat’s Mehsana district wanted to pursue since childhood it was to join the police force. Adorning a khaki uniform and working for the safety of the civilians is the noblest profession, according to her.

Her parents, a rickshaw driver and a homemaker, always encouraged her to study hard and crack the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. With self-coaching, the road seemed challenging but not impossible for a 16-year-old Kaajal in 2014.

However, two years later, she faced a brutal acid assault right outside her college, and life changed forever. For the next five years, she was unable to see and her face was severely disfigured.

Not one to give up easily, Kaajal recently re-enrolled in college and is currently finishing her first year while preparing for UPSC.  She says “I want to get into the police force and work hard towards keeping our society safe, especially for women, by ensuring stricter punishments for criminals.”

Kudos to this brave Girl!


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