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Hydroponics Is Rocking! Man Grows 6000 Plants In 80 Sq Ft (

A man from Chennai has grown 6000 plants in a very limited space of just 80 Sq Ft. He has also trained villagers on how to generate income by growing fodder with the help of hydroponics, for this he has received grant from government.

Egmore-based Rahul Dhoka’s unique terrace is all the inspiration you will need to don an urban farmer’s hat!  In a small 80-square-foot facility, the 31-year-old founder of Green Rush Organics and hydroponic farming consultant Acqua Farms nurtures over 6,000 plants! He plants everything from exotic Italian basil to carom (ajwain), mint, spinach, lettuce, kale, and a variety of other leafy greens and herbs in PVC pipe planters.

In 2010, Rahul chose to return to India after working in UK, Ranbaxy (pharmaceutical company) and establish his own business after realizing he wanted to do more than his 9-to-5 desk job.He founded Green Rush Organics five years ago to cater to retail businesses in India. “It was just two years ago that I became interested in hydroponics. “Vertical farming in a small space attracted my interest, therefore it started as a pastime,” Rahul explains.

Acqua Farms Started Selling Hydroponics Starter Kits. He Caters To Over 450 Families In Chennai

For more information visit his official facebook page Acqua Farms.


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