Commendation for ‘honesty’, family returned lottery ticket worth $M (

In the US state of Massachusetts, a family of Indian origin, returning an example of honesty, returned a lottery ticket to a woman, which she thought was thrown away. This ticket made the woman a millionaire overnight. The Indian origin family is getting a lot of praise for Honesty.

In the month of March, Lee Rose Fiega bought a lottery ticket from a shop called ‘Lucky Stop’. This shop belongs to a family of Indian origin living in the Southwick area. Women often used to buy tickets from this shop. Fiiga said on Monday that I had a lunch break and I was in a hurry. I scrapped the ticket number in a hurry and seeing that my lottery had not come out, I gave them a ticket and asked them to throw it away.

The New York Post reported in its news that the woman had not completely scratched the ticket in a hurry and that the ticket was kept for ten days among the useless tickets. After this, Abhi Shah, the son of the owner of the shop, got an eye on that ticket. In the news, Abhi Shah said that this ticket was sold by her mother Aruna Shah and the woman who sold it was our regular customer.


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