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These animals lost limbs. Tech put them back on their feet (

3D printed prosthetics can help dogs, sheep, alligators and other animals with limb loss swim or run again.

At North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, doctors Simon Roe and Natasha Olby tell me over Zoom calls about their work on everything from prosthetic joints (more Roe’s speciality) to the use of carts for paraplegic or neurologically challenged animals (Olby’s area).

Mickey used a cart to get around.

Animals with mobility issues have a spectrum of available options, Roe says. There are the prosthetics that slip over residual limbs. Less commonly, some doctors implant prosthetics directly into bones and through the skin. Or, as was the case for Olby’s late dachshund Mickey, a cart for his back legs helped him zip around and even bully his other dog siblings by blocking doorways.

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