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Coimbatore-based engineer designs wheelchair for furry friend (

After adopting a four-year-old dog, Veera whose hind legs were amputated after an accident, A. Kasi and his daughter, Gayathri designed a wheelchair for their furry friend.

It isn’t very often in India that we come across prosthetics and similar aids being innovated to aid animals. However, this man and his daughter decided to help one of these animals in their capability. Unable to bear the plight of a four-year-old Pomeranian, Veera, A. Kasi and his daughter, Gayathri, built a wheelchair for their faithful companion. Gayathri, an IT employee adopted four-year-old Veera and brought home her before the COVID-19 lockdown.

With bright yellow tyres, the wheelchair is connected to the dog’s harness and allows him to sit and walk using his front legs. Kashi also added an artificial plastic cup leg fashioned from a PVC pipe along with a shoe and padding to make it easier for the dog to walk and sit.Read more at:


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